Cooperation in the area of science

At present, the Intergovernmental Agreement on Cooperation in Education, Science, Culture and Sports, signed in 1995, makes the basis of cooperation between Belarus and Turkey in the area of science.

In November 2016, during the visit of the President of Turkey to Belarus Intergovernmental Agreement on Cooperation in Science and Technology was signed.

A Joint Committee on science and technology has been established between the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Turkish research Council of TUBITAK, that determines priority areas of scientific cooperation, coordinates the implementation of joint projects, and conducts joint scientific and technical events. Currently, the parties are implementing 3 scientific and technical projects in the field of optoelectronics, physics and computer science.

In March 2019, Minsk hosted the 6th meeting of the Joint Commission on scientific and technical cooperation and the second joint working session between the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and TUBITAK, during which the parties agreed to hold a competition for joint research projects.

In November 2018, Ankara hosted the 1st meeting of the Joint Belarusian-Turkish Commission for cooperation in science and technology between the SCNT and the Ministry of industry and development of Turkey. The parties discussed issues related to the expansion of cooperation between the countries in various fields, including joint work in the field of polar research. During the meeting, a Protocol was signed that sets out the main directions of scientific and technical cooperation between Belarus and Turkey until 2020.

In July 2019, an agreement on cooperation between the Belarusian Republican Foundation for basic research and the National center for nanotechnology of Turkey was signed in Ankara. The agreement provides for various forms of scientific cooperation between Belarusian and Turkish scientists in the field of nanotechnology, including holding bilateral seminars and financing joint projects. The agreement was signed by the Director of the BRFFI academician S.Gaponenko and the Director of UNAM Professor V.Demir.

SCNT with the support of the Belarusian Innovation Fund (BIF) and the Council for scientific and technological research of Turkey TUBITAK announced in March 2019 a competition for joint Belarusian-Turkish innovative projects for 2019-2021.

The purpose of this competition is to launch and initiate joint Belarusian-Turkish innovation projects by providing direct financial support at an early stage of project development.

BIF also continues to search for Turkish partners in a number of Belarusian developments that are promising for joint implementation and cooperation with the Turkish side:

“System modeling and decision support “Fort” and “Integrated system for support of decisions on the protection of the State border” (ООО «Фортайти»);

“Blister packaging with holographic protection for precious stones and metals” and “Production of holographic products intended for marking and identification of a wide range of goods, securities and documents» (ЗАО «Голографическая индустрия»);

“Combined sensor for the environment of premises on the Internet of things platform DjinnSensor”, “Combined sensor for the ecology of residential areas and highways on the Internet of things platform CitiSensor” and ” monitoring System, analysis of environmental parameters of premises to ensure the comfort, safety and productivity of people in the workplace Bit Horizon» (Дюсьмикеев А.Б.).

Processing of organic waste into a high-protein Supplement – Xtra High Protein meal» (ООО «Сайберг»).

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